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Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (MACS) at UW Bothell?

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Hello! Is anyone here familiar with the MACS program at the University of Washington Bothell campus?

For some context, I'm a current UW Bothell student, pursuing two majors in Literature and Communication Studies. This program is in the same department and has interested me more and more ever since I went to an info session last spring, and I've looked on their website, but I'm hesitant about committing if I'm accepted because I'm planning on applying to PhD programs in English later (if I go) and I'm not entirely sure about this program's preparation for that field since not many students in the program go on to PhDs.

I was hoping to pursue graduate school in the humanities for a while now because I feel really committed to a career teaching and researching in the discipline. I'm applying to two other MA programs in English (Central Washington and Western Washington) and a few other Master's programs (library science, secondary education) as alternate career options (if I do go to the MLIS program I'm applying to, I'd probably try to work as an academic librarian or go to a humanities MA/PhD after). 

Does anyone here have information about the UW Bothell MACS program in terms of general atmosphere, career/future education preparation, and/or opportunities? Any info would be really appreciated!

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I actually just graduate from the program! Overall I thought it was great! There are tons of great professors and most of the (core) classes are on a T or Th from 5.45pm-10pm You have the option of electives that might be at different times and might also be more than once a week unlike the core classes. Someone who graduate with me was also an English Major in undergrad is now applying to PHD programs in a similiar realm as you. I loved who I had classes with cohort wise. They definitely are the ones that control the vibe. 


I can't give you a lot of insight career wise though bc I have been established in a career for awhile. If you have any specific questions I can definitely answer them for you. 

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