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Is it possible to get into social work with these stats?

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I was a psychology ba major and I have done undergrad for 6 years. My gpa is 2.6 cumulative and last 60 credits is exactly 3.0. I have also done a couple of extra curriculars and 100 hours of volunteering service. please advise thanks!


can I get into uoi Urbana campaign, utica college, fsu and boston uni? if not, maybe there are other schools with less stringent gpas.

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I would do a little google-research to see how competitive these programs are; you can usually find a page with the average student scores/GPAs/GREs for admitted students on each school website. I'm personally very familiar with FSU because it's my hometown university and I've considered attending a few times. I know some programs at FSU are nationally ranked as being incredibly competitive while others are lacking in applications and are easy to get into. Don't forget that a very strong statement of purpose as well as some glittering letters of recommendation can make the difference when a student has a poor undergrad GPA. I know that FSU has waived their GRE requirement for all graduate programs, but if you think you'd be able to score well, it can only help you to add it to your application package. Good luck!

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I don't know about those schools specifically, but generally MSW programs are not super competitive. My advice is to always got to the least expensive school you can. 

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