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Hi all,

I am wondering about the role of the GRE general test and math subject test in the upcoming application cycle(s!) 

Particularly, I know that Stanford recently dropped their Math GRE subject test requirement, and the only school I can find which still requires/encourages the exam is Chicago. Does this mean that taking the math GRE is by all means useless for submitting statistics applications, or is there some merit to taking and submitting it for top programs? I am not sure if I should budget my following summer to burying my head in calculus, analysis, and algebra textbooks (groan). 

Also, how stringent are schools about the GRE quant score? It seems like many top programs have a crazy high ranges (169-170). I recently took the exam and got a 169 quant; I am a bit worried that I need to retake if this puts me on the low(er) end.

Thanks in advance. :)


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My impression is that the GRE can hurt you if your score is low (not applicable to you), but it isn't going to make you stand out. Things like rec letters, transcripts, interviews, and research are far more important. With a 169Q, I would stop thinking about the GRE altogether and move on to other parts of the application.

If you're going to have to dedicate large amounts of time studying for the math subject test, it probably isn't worth it.

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