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Islamic Studies/MES/NELC Fall 2022


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Hello everyone, I thought I would get a thread going for us applicants since I don't see one already. This is for students and hopefuls applying to Doctoral programs in Islamic Studies, Near Eastern Languages (NELC) and Middle Eastern Studies (MES) for the fall of 2022. I will update briefly with where I am applying and I'd love to hear from you as well. 


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Any takers? I've applied to: 

Yale Religion (Islamic Studies)

Duke Religion (Islamic Studies)


Harvard CMES

Exeter AIS (Accepted)

SOAS (Islamic Law)

... and a spattering of History and Anthro MA programs. 

Does anyone have any insights on timelines/interviews? 

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I am not doing religious studies, but Near Eastern Archaeology.

I applied to:

John Hopkins Near Eastern Studies

Brown Joukowsky institute of Archaeology and the Ancient World

UPenn Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World  (Interviewed Jan 18th)

Chicago Middle Eastern Studies (MA)

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