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UPenn GSE 2022


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Hi everyone! I have no clue if this forum has been started yet, but I figured I would kick it off! I am a first year graduate student at Columbia University Teachers College studying Higher & Postsecondary Education, and I am hoping to finish my degree program in 10 months or one academic year (yes I know i'm insane). I am very interested in applying to the M.S.Ed. in Education Policy program at UPenn next year for part-time study while working full time in the greater Philadelphia or tri-state area. Who else is looking to apply for next fall?

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8 hours ago, JadedVGC said:

I received my admissions decision for the Higher Education MSED on March 3rd 2021! 

Just glanced at the results from last cycle. It seems like Ph.D. decisions were released first and Master's decisions a day or two thereafter. It looks like Ph.D. results were announced today...my hunch is that we should expect to hear something by the end of this week. ?

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29 minutes ago, GSEGal123 said:

Is anyone else seeing their application status as "decided" but not actually seeing a decision? 

I’m not. Still says submitted for me.

I would think that’s a good sign for you! Less optimistic for me since I don’t see any change. ?

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