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  1. Thanks EvolvedGradBlog for starting this thread! I got into the schools I wanted but have decided not to attend this fall as planned because online learning is not for me. This is probably too early but I wonder if you have any intel on fall 2021 at HGSE? Still online? I might need to postpone again if next fall is online still.
  2. The format of the program will be the deciding factor for me---I much prefer in-person instruction and it would be hard for me to justify the value of remote learning. But I guess nobody can predict the future!
  3. Yay!! That's awesome! I am excited to see you in person!
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have much information on this. After talking with some current students, Penn sounds more practitioner driven and career-oriented. At TC, you might have to advocate for yourself a bit more. Not sure if this is important to you but it sounds like two schools have very different vibes: most, if not all, of the students at Penn are full-time, and courses are more structured; at TC, more students work part-time (either outside of TC or have GA), so courses are more flexible, and many classes are offered in the evenings/at nights. At least that's what it seems like.
  5. Hello!! I need to hear some advice from people who are knowledgeable on these two programs. My major concern is career development, but all insights are welcome! Placement rate--I didn't get a straight answer from either schools in their admitted student webinars. Penn might provide better support on the individual level since the cohort is much smaller (~30, TC is 80-90) and internship is basically guaranteed by the program (at TC, you are basically on your own). But TC's program has a much longer history (thus more extensive alumni network) and a more comprehensive curriculum (thus mor
  6. I am also hoping those virtual sessions will help me with the decision making process. Penn, TC, and NYU are top on my list. Have you applied to any graduate assistanship? That could help with the finance part. See you at NYU's session next week!
  7. Congrats!! I don't know yet---torn between Penn and TC. Probably will have a better idea after attending those webinars/virtual sessions.
  8. Hello fellow IED/IEP applicant! How are the schools treating you? Would love to see more actions on this topic as we are getting closer to April 15.
  9. Check your email! I got an email from admissions to check my portal and found out that I got into IED program (masters)!
  10. Congrats!!! Can you share the link of the admitted student portal? Thanks!
  11. For all the others who are still waiting to hear from TC like me, I emailed and heard back from admissions today that they are "on track to release decisions by the end of March". Hope this helps!
  12. My partner and I are currently in Harrisburg. I am heading to Penn this Fall, but he will keep his job in Harrisburg. How challenging and costly would it be for him to commute between Philly and Harrisburg daily? Anyone has any experience/knowledge on this? Thanks!
  13. I submitted my application around Dec 15 and received decision on Jan 28. Good luck to you!
  14. Yes, we do need to apply for GA positions. I emailed admissions about it back in mid-Feb. Not sure if different programs have different timelines. I got into M.Ed. in IEDP.
  15. I was accepted for this Fall so I was asking around and doing research. I later got into my dream school so not going to PSU this Fall. Still, it sounds like a good program!
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