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Part-time master's degree while working full-time?


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I work at a university (staff) and part of the tuition benefit is to be able to earn a master's degree for free part-time while working on my job full-time. The money value is obvious, but will I be able to take full advantage of what the program has to offer if I am not available during work hours? Additionally, how bad really is the workload? It sounds like doing a master's degree full-time is already hard and stressful! Am I going to be miserable juggling both? If you or someone you know have any experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to message me directly as well. Thank you!

P.S. I'm hoping to earn a master's degree in graduate school of education. 

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I did a part-time Education master's while working as a full-time teacher. It was a decent amount of work, but not unmanageable. It really depends on the program though--my program was asynchronous and meant to be completed part-time while working as a teacher, and I completed it in three years. I would recommend learning more about different programs and inquiring as to how many students complete it while working full-time--maybe see if you can contact any current/former students. I imagine any program that can be completed part-time with night courses is meant to be completed while working full-time, but still it would be good to find out what the expectations are. If it's financially doable/allowed, extending it to a third year (if it's a 2yr program) may also be a good idea. Good luck! 

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