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Hi everyone,

I am currently in a PhD program and have recently switched to Apple's Mac OS. 

I am also facing the conundrum regarding my reading materials.

Context: I currently have a Kindle, which I got because it was easier on my eyes to read instead of on a computer screen. 

The Problem: All of my professors now send me PDF's. For the past week I have been converting these PDF's to Kindle format, which results in abrupt changes in text size, sometimes the images do not transfer or the text cannot convert to PDF, etc. Moreover, all of the notes are on Kindle, so I cannot color code the highlights, and the interface is so slow that it's hard to type notes. 

Overall, I think the Kindle is very good to read the text on, but ultimately, really awful for taking notes and converting PDF's. 

I currently have a Macbook, but reading PDF's on a macbook/ computer screen is painstakingly slow for me, and I really need to start getting faster. However, I do like taking notes on the computer and color coding the highlights. 

I am also a high-functioning autistic and get sensory overload, so I am very affected by the screen's brightness when reading and it gives me massive eye strain to the point where I cannot function or do work. 

TL;DR: What device should I use to read PDF's on? 

Should I get an iPad, and if so, is there a way to make the screen's brightness easier on my eyes? 

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