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EBRC Student & Postdoc Association Invite


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Hi everyone! 

Interested in researching synthetic biology or adjacent fields in grad school?

Come engage with a community of grad students and postdocs to learn more about the labs and opportunities available around the globe!

Sign up here today! 


Engineering Biology Research Consortium Student and Postdoc Association - Undergraduate Channel Invitation

The EBRC SPA is a group of graduate students and postdocs working to engineer biology around the world. Most are in synthetic biology labs, though that is not a hard requirement. The SPA hosts networking/social events, puts on workshops, runs a Slack community, and much more!

The EBRC SPA has created a Slack channel for undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate education in synthetic biology to connect with existing graduate students and postdocs. Questions about a school or a lab? Interested in the field in general? Have questions about what to put in your application? Come join the community and we will do our best to help! Once in graduate school, you can seamlessly transition to become a member of the EBRC SPA. 

For more information about EBRC and the SPA, visit our website: 

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NOTE - official SPA membership is currently reserved for current graduate students and postdocs. This is an invite to a Slack channel set up to engage with future SPA members (ie current undergrads interested in syn bio!)

If you are a graduate student or postdoc and see this and want to join the SPA, you can join via this link: https://ebrc.org/apply-spa/

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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