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Mediocre GPA for Comparative Literature PhD

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I'm currently a junior majored in French and minored in German at a Big-Ten University. I want to pursue a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. I've decided on my senior thesis topic and already started working on it. I also have a close relationship with some of my professors so I think the recommendation letters are also easy to get. However, my main concern is about my GPA. I took many different classes (Finance, Chemistry, Physics, Maths) for the first two years and I got low grades for some of them. However, I got all As for my major and minor courses. My GPA now is around 3.6 and I'm trying to reach 3.7 at the time of applying. My question is that does the admission committee focus on major GPA more or cumulative GPA? Will a 3.5/3.6 cumulative GPA affect the overall competence? Thank you!

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