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How confident can I feel after multiple meetings with a potential PI?


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Hi all: 


This is an objective question, I know, but I'm struggling to remain confident while preparing my application. I had a meeting with a potential research advisor and I thought it went really well. They asked for a copy of my transcripts and they want to have another meeting to talk more in depth about my current work experience prior to me applying. I was told by another grad student that this particular advisor is considering a lot of applicants, so is it presumptuous to feel confident that the prof. is interesting in working with me? Would it be inappropriate to ask how many new students they are planning to admit? 

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MOO, you knowing that you're one of x aspiring graduate students for a cohort of y admitted students doesn't really help you. If you're one student in a pool of two applicants for one spot, it doesn't mean that you have a one in two chance of admissions. All things are not equal when admissions committees determine who will best fit into a program. There will be stuff going on behind the curtain beyond your control, maybe even beyond your potential advisor's.

I suggest that you ask questions about your process, not theirs. Formulate questions that will enable you to put your best effort into your application materials. If you focus on your effort, you will gain confidence from knowing that you did your absolute best under the circumstances.

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