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International student seeking advice (Clinical PhD application for Fall 2023)


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I'm in the first semester of my 3rd year at a small and newish liberal arts university in Vietnam, majoring in Psychology. My courses are identical to that of a typical U.S psychology major in the U.S.
My current GPA is 3.82, I've worked as a research assistant in a psychology lab for a year and a half. All of the projects use Grounded theory. Right now I have:
- 1 third authorship, poster presented at SPA and APA, finishing up the manuscript
- 2 work-in-progress manuscripts, not sure about the authorship yet.
Also attended a 2-month online summer research program at an Ivy, where I did some more research in public health. These projects have nothing to do with psychology, but I did get some good quantitative skills out of them.
- 1 third authorship, poster accepted for upcoming NCUR and SGIM, finishing up the manuscript
- 1 first authorship, submitting the poster to a Diabetes conference
I plan to get some clinical experience by volunteering/interning at the Psychiatry hospital or at a private clinic in my senior year.
I'm worried that I have too little experience, and that my international status (not U.S resident, never been there before, went to college in another country) may be a hindrance; especially since I'm aiming for a funded APA-accredited program without getting a master first.
As it is, I would appreciate your advice on what actions should I take to prepare for the Fall 2023 cycle.
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Hi there! It's good to see another Vietnamese student on here! I think you are on the right track. If you're planning to apply for Fall 2023, maybe try to get more research experience (the more research experience you have the better), and also study for the GRE, since some schools may not waive the GRE for students applying to Fall 2023 anymore.

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Hey, another Vietnamese here! I was admitted to a Psychology program but admittedly not clinical. I would echo what the previous commenter has said about getting as much research experience as possible (either by doing research, publishing, or presenting). I would recommend knowing who would be writing your recommendation letters and letting them know that you will ask for a letter in the future. Be sure to study for GRE also! If you have any question, feel free to shoot me a message.

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