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Should I add more safeties given my background?


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Applying to math Phd and masters programs. I'd rather not end up with nowhere to go.

My stats are:

Graduated from UVA in 2020, major in math. Been taking advanced  undergrad and grad math courses since part time.

3.5 overall GPA( ~ 3.9 for the last 2.5 years), 3.95 math GPA. 

GRE 180 verbal, 168 Quant, 3.5 Writing section.

No undergrad research, but I have 3 major research experiences from jobs, 1 published paper in microscopy journal.

I've worked on my personal statements for a while, many drafts, so they should be decent but nothing exceptional, recs should be good to.


I'm applying to applied math programs at:

University of Washington, PhD and Masters

University of Minnesota, PhD and Masters

University of Texas Austin, PhD

University of Michigan, Masters

University of Maryland, Masters

Washington University in St. Louis, Masters

Georgia Tech, Masters

Grad CV.pdf


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GRE 180 verbal is impossible while 3.5 writing is a little bit low. Good stats for any master program, a bit of tricky for top Phd programs like Univ. of Washington. Maybe you can add some 50+ rank Phd programs in your list if you really want to push to a Phd program.

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