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"optional" GRE

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So, after taking a prep course and then taking the GRE from my apartment, I found that the GRE is either waived or optional at almost all of the programs to which I'm applying.

Does anyone have advice on whether or not to include GRE scores if it's "optional" to do so? I can think of plenty of reasons to do so, and plenty of reasons not to do so!

Because this is the case at almost every single program I looked into, I'm assuming many other people here have similar questions/concerns.

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I asked a prof who was in charge of grad admissions at my school, and they didn't seem to think it was worth sending to GRE optional schools. Most adcoms didn't take GRE scores very seriously preCOVID, and it will be even less valuable now that not everyone will have that data point. I only ended up sending them to the three or so schools that required them. Probably best to save the money or spend it applying to another school or two. 

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