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  1. Eh, it's so hard to find programs friendly to psychoanalysis that I wouldn't bother. At least, M.A. programs. Very few. I don't know if the jump from analytic to continental is really easier, honestly. And you don't need it to be. If you have an interest and you're in a program, there's no reason you can't work with multiple people in other departments if you'd like. And it's not as if you can't go to whatever conferences, etc. you'd like. The program with the grad admissions chair who had his shit together the most and offered the best funding offer was from a more "analytic" department. I'm
  2. for what it's worth, I'm a "continental"-oriented person and doing just fine at a supposedly "analytic" department - probably taking an I.S. on Heidegger sometime soon, currently in courses on Kant and Foucault. I mean, you probably wont be able to find someone who wants to talk about Lacan, but Heidegger, Foucault, Marx... shouldn't be so bad. And it's good to have an understanding of how people in other philosophical camps think anyway, even if it means wrestling to understand material that you'll ultimately decide is completely on the wrong track (taking a course with a metaethicist who adv
  3. I'd like to come back to this after my second week of graduate studies. (1) research interests =/= teaching interests. You might find that someone who did their dissertation on the history of early analytic philosophy is ready and willing to, for example, teach a course on Heidegger. They might even find it to be refreshing! (2) the analytic/continental divide is far more rigid some places than others, perhaps where people have an ax to grind. But I think it's a rather tiresome debate for some, and for others it really just reflects what they had the opportunity to read. Sometimes it
  4. finding a part-time job. I'm starting to get pretty anxious about it.
  5. In all honesty, maybe a very good idea for a reason that might not occur to some: I just started an M.A. program and one thing I'm worried about is securing a part-time job. I specifically worked at a university prior to entering grad school so I'd have a more-or-less easy time getting a standard part-time university office job. That seems highly unlikely now, and I'm unsure of exactly what I'm going to do about it.
  6. If money is no object, Stony Brook's Philosophy & The Arts M.A.
  7. Yup! I'm so happy to be in an M.A. and not a doctoral program, so at the end of the day I am not so screwed if I decide not to pursue anything further.
  8. In my recent experience, you absolutely should do so for the CSU schools. The deadlines for non-resident tuition waivers may be months prior to the official deadline and I was admitted to my school long before the admissions deadline.
  9. I feel bad about this, because obviously it is rarely if ever the fault of the faculty. However, as far as M.A. programs go, I was told that CSU LA's GAships have been drying up in recent years. I chose not to attend, but it is obviously one of the very rare M.A. programs that covers the standard fare and someone like Deleuze so prospective students might want to ask about this development.
  10. I'm curious if anyone active on this board has taken this path, as I've noticed that quite a few graduates of the top terminal M.A. programs have entered law school and I'm curious about doing this myself.
  11. Thanks! I decided that I'm fucking doing it anyway. I think it will be a valuable learning opportunity in and of itself. I'm 99% sure I'm moving, too, because if I tried to move in the Winter... I don't think so. I'm thinking that even if in-person instruction isn't available, fellow students could work out weekly discussion groups at someone's home with proper safety precautions.
  12. Do you mean rent plus utilities or...? I wasn't seeing anything nearly that high. Of course, I'm fine with a 30+ minute public transit commute, so maybe that's why? I was seeing a decent number of options around the $1400 mark, but I was really hoping for cheaper. The only sub-$1000 lead I've found can't seem to tell me when I can actually apply, but I've applied to some places that are around $1300 and appear pretty solid. I want to find roommates eventually, but I'm almost 26 years old: I've had roommates for a long time now, nightmarish roommate situations like you would not even believe,
  13. one little last bump just in case...
  14. Let's be honest: how many schools have a full-time tenured or tenure-track professor who is proficient at teaching logic? I wouldn't imagine a low mark would hurt, if only because I'd think that at most schools a student who received an A+ in an introductory logic course at School X isn't necessarily all that more well-versed in the subject than a student with with a C at School Y. Every field in philosophy is so fucking broad. There are people in "subfield" A who read entire groups of people in philosophy and other fields that other individuals in said subfield do not read much at all.
  15. I'm really hoping it's worth it to move across the country to start an M.A. program online, because I don't know what I'm going to do otherwise.
  16. I haven't lived there or known anyone who has, but it is a nice area. My friend lives in a house about a block away and the neighborhood is quite good and convenient.
  17. I have similar concerns, however it does not seem like campuses will remain closed. Arizona president: "We have launched antibody testing for the county and will soon begin antibody testing 250,000 health care workers and first responders for the state of Arizona in partnership with the Governor’s Office. Next, we will test our own students, faculty and staff. We are expanding our diagnostic testing capability for COVID-19 infection. In short, we are working with local and national experts to create best-in-class strategies to reopen the campus. Our plan is to Test, Trace and Treat to pr
  18. Anyone? I'm trying to pull off a 1br apartment if at all possible. I never had my own room as a kid, never lived in my own space one time as an adult thus far. I dream of it.
  19. Bumping this as there haven't been any new posts in sometime and things change!
  20. Hey! Bumping this thread because I'm in the exact opposite situation! The best offer I received was from a department that is more analytically-inclined, although like some other posters I think this distinction is fading. If you think it is not, that's fine, but over the past three decades that seems to be the trend. Many so-called continental philosophers take a considerable interest in Wilfred Sellers, Saul Kripke, Paul Churchland, Patricia Churchland, etc. Many so-called analytic philosophers have looked at Hegel or even Foucault and Deleuze in a different light. The distinction is collaps
  21. apparently, I can't delete posts, but anyway - Accepted into CSU Long Beach with a non-resident tuition waiver and a GAship. Really detailed and informative letter, and the best offer I've received (also the most clear and easy to understand). Anyone have any experience with the school or this program specifically?
  22. Actually, looks like my question was already answered in the affirmative in a previous post. Guess it's really gettin to me.
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