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Old GRE Scores Automatically Getting Included in Application


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Hello all, 

I am reapplying to some programs and I noticed my old GRE scores were automatically included in the application. I am retaking the GRE to improve my scores but I couldn't take it early due to numerous reasons which meant I had to submit my applications without the updated scores but the schools I am talking about (e.g. UCSD) just accepted my old scores from the portal and GRE is not flagged as awaiting in my status portal. Should I be worried the admission committee would review my application with my old, not so good scores before I submit my new ones (which should be available by the end of December)? 

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Definitely email the admissions committee letting them know of this situation. Mostly likely once you receive your new scores, the university would receive them as well and add them to your application automatically, but it's best to inform them of it. 

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