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2022 Immunology PhD admissions


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this website but I have applied to Immunology PhD programs for Fall 2022 and am wondering when I should expect to hear back about interviews? This is my first time applying to PhD programs. I applied to ambitious schools so I'm not feeling very sure I'll get in to any but I figured it was worth a shot

I applied to: Tufts, Duke, UChicago, UDenver, UPenn, Harvard, Hopkins

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First time applicant here too! I applied to 10 immunology programs: UPenn, Duke, WeilCornell, Rockefeller, Harvard, Yale, Scripps, Mayo, UCLA, MSK. Got an rejection from MSK in mid-December and interview invites to the first 4. I had a rec letter mishap for Yale that I found out two days ago, so I'm not even sure if they saw my application all this time... 

People on Reddit says that it seems like Harvard BBS already sent out all interview invites by 12/18, I wonder if schools send out all interview invites in a day or two or do they do rolling invitations? I'm an international applicant and really really hope that it's the second case. 




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