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Relative number of applicants by program type?

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It might be helpful to me and others if people with insider info shared a rough ratio of this years applicants to previous years. Personally I am trying to decide how much energy to put into planning profile-enhancing activities in 2022 should I get rejected everywhere. My field is math/applied math (PhD), but I think hearing about biostatistics or other quantitative programs would still be helpful.

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If you look at the number of applicants for schools that release data for previous years (Duke, Cornell for example) the number of applicants in the 2021-2022 admission cycle was very much within normal variation. So if the beginning of the pandemic didn't budge numbers too much, I don't think that this years numbers will depart from previous years very much either (aka there should not be a flood of applicants this year).

Anecdotally while there are people who delayed applications because of Covid, in my experience there are also people moved their application up a year for various reasons (I did as well as some other people I know). So it's kind of a wash.

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