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Chances of Rejection After Interview


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So I applied to 14 PhD programs. I have interview offers from 7 so far. I declined one because it overlapped with another. So I'm down to 6. I haven't heard anything from the remaining 7 schools. 4 of these I am assuming rejection. 3 I am still hopeful for. I guess I am wondering if I do all 6 of my confirmed interviews that I have so far, what is the likelihood I would be rejected from all of them? I am just real panicky and very much a planner. Just nervous, I reckon.

Oh, I applied to PhD programs in biomedical sciences. The bolded ones are where I currently have interviews. The underlined ones are what I am assuming to be rejections. 

UPennOHSU, HopkinsUFTulane, Louisville, Penn State, UABOklahoma, FSUUT Health San Antonio, Ohio State, Boston University, University of Colorado.

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