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should i still do a phd in political science in the states?

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hi everyone!

my bachelor's degree was in political science and my honors thesis was about how a gender-based social movement emerges and develops in a southeast asian country. as of the moment, i'm now doing a master's degree in southeast asian studies and my thesis revolves around the way collective identity is strategically used by gender-based social movements (particularly gay and lesbian social movements) in the region. moreover, although i took a lot of political science classes, including one quantitative, one qualitative, and advanced metholodogy in my undergrad, I really didn't have any specific area specialization (as my university offers a broader picture of the course). that's why i'm afraid that the admission committee might not see me as a potential candidate. so should i still pursue a phd in political science, or should i just shift to sociology, which has social movements as one of its core sub-fields?

i'd highly appreciate your thoughts about this, especially that i'll be sending my application this december.

many thanks!

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I think you're vastly over-estimating the amount of specialization the average PhD candidate has in prior education. I'm considered a decent candidate and I studied theatre.

Whether you prefer sociology or polisci should focus on which courses and programs will provide you with tools to examine the questions that interest you and intellectuals to mentor your development as a researcher and/or teacher.

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