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Mental Health worries


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Hello there!

I hope you will be fine. I also think you might need a consultation with good psychologist so that the person will help you to cope with that. 

Studies can be stressful, I know that... However, I also believe that nervous system does not worth one failed exam, so don't worry. Exams can be passed again. But the life... the life cannot be restarted. 

/giving quietly hugs to you and any other student who read this/

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As someone with major mental disorder, I can tell you that if you start prevention treatment early and communicate with college early enough, even if you do have mental breakdown, college will work with you. Here is how it works when you do:

- College documents

- College offers medical withdrawal from courses, canceling all tuition and other fees

- College offers medical leave of absence that shows on your transcript as leave of absence without note that it is medical in nature

- College evaluates if you are ready to go back to study which includes evaluation by psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, international advisor if you are international student and other college staff. Many hoops to go through but in the end you will be allowed to go back to restart studies

- College assists with all formal things. If you see therapist before breakdown happens college connects with your doctor on the intake in hospital and arranges all above with you and your doctor at the hospital. If you are domestic student you may get enrolled in rehabilitation program.

What also happens if you start early before breakdown happens:

- you may see psychiatrist that may or may not prescribe medication for your condition

- you will see therapist on college campus who will guide you through all challenges of being a graduate student

- if you get diagnosis from psychiatrist you will get accommodations for all of your exams which means extended time to take exams, quiet room and more. 

Essentially, the earlier you start the more likely that you can prevent meltdown from happening at all or minimize how it affects you, your life and your family.

I hope this helps to calm you down so you know what happens in case you do have meltdown and how to avoid it. 

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On 1/17/2022 at 11:29 AM, Jacko-Dark said:

I'm worried that I might have a mental breakdown in graduate school. I'm still doing it though, considering undergrad is already stressful enough 

Hi Jacko, how are you today? Is everything allright now?

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I decided to not do a PhD, simple as that. I mentioned in many forums and a MS is already stressful enoough.

This way after I do my MS I can leave this platform, because I don't want to torment myself further.

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