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  1. As a college senior myself, should I relax during the period when I get admitted to grad school? Because this is a path of no return...
  2. I'm a physics student about to graduate college, will I have to bring something new to the table in grad school ? I'm at the stage at finding a professor soon, Jesus caring about grades in college was stressful. 2 more years of this shit and it's into the industry I go. Haven't decided on my topic yet what should I do? I probably are slightl;y intrested in solid state physics, should I choose it?
  3. How do you cope with the fact that the fun days of college are coming to an end? How did you prepare for this at the end of college? My mind says "it's all downhill from here" knowing full well that I missed out on the partying because STEM degree stress BTW I'm 21 and still a virgin...
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