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DoE CSGF 2021-2022


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Math/CS. Just want to point out that the whole fellowship process seems...very random. I am a permanent resident so I could only apply to NSF, DOE and a few others (Hertz, Soros, and other CS-only). I had a first-round interview for Hertz, but didn't make it further. Rejected in all the others including NSF (not even an honorable mention). DOE CSGF was my last chance and somehow that worked! I applied with the exact same research plan, credentials, etc. to all of these. 

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Wait, I haven't heard anything at all ? I just checked my application to make sure my email is correct and it is... I also checked my spam box and nothing... 

EDIT: never mind, I used my school email address and they use a spam service that prevented it from even showing in my spam box for some reason. I just unblocked the sender and saw the rejection letter :(

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found it
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On 4/7/2022 at 1:05 PM, momo1129 said:

Rip me too. They “strongly suggest” I apply again next year lol. Congrats to everyone that got it! 

Does anyone know what these "strongly suggest" in the rejection letters mean? I heard people who got rejection letters saying they got in the final stage of selection too. So I assume there are different rejections letters corresponding to different strength of the applications?

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