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Top polisci/IR Phds in Europe related to China/security?


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I have a master's of international affairs from a pretty good school, I've been working in a research-heavy IR-related industry job for a couple years, and I speak a few languages. I've been thinking about doing a PhD since I finished my master's and would like to do something related to China and specifically security issues (I'm kind of flexible on the subtopic though, I don't have a specific thesis idea formed yet).

So the main topic, I'm planning on applying to at least a few programs in the US, but if possible I would really prefer to do a PhD in Europe. I'm used to moving a lot, and I'd really like to get to know another country while I study. Also I did undergrad and master's in the US, I think it would be interesting and potentially useful to study and get a European view on some of the issues I've studied. My impression from researching different schools is that American polisci/IR PhD programs are largely considered to be superior and a big part of that is a better education on quantitative methods. I much prefer qualitative stuff because I'm not that good at quant, but I recognize quant is important so I do want to get a strong background in that. 

After all that, my question is are there any European polisci/IR PhD programs that provide good training, are respected to an at least similar level as American universities, and specifically have faculty/research that is related to China? Thanks. 

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Hi ! I honestly recommend Cambridge University (UK) and in France, I second ShowroomDummy and highly praise the EHESS - graduated from there in Social Anthropology (MA) but the IR program is really strong as well + the way the department works is really nice, you can take seminars from any discipline and PhDs are really short in France (3 years) which can be an asset if you don't want to study forever :)

SciencePo has a great reputation, but honestly, from an academic POV, doesn't live up to its reputation. You might consider it however for the various possibilities of foreign exchanges if that's something you're looking for ! SciencePo will be more strict on residency, and the EHESS way more flexible, also things to consider. The INALCO is amazing if what really matters for you is a strong regional focus, and maybe a very peculiar set of local languages or local politics. 

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