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Anyone applied to psychology master program (specifically research-oriented) for 2022 fall?

Ellen Zheng

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I'm faculty at a research-focused master's program. I would imagine applications are not quite due yet for lots of master's programs.  Speaking of which, check our M.S. in Psychological Sciences program at M.S. in Psychology - Psychological Sciences Graduate Programs | Western Kentucky University. We offer stipends and at least partial (sometimes full dependent upon grant funding) tuition waivers. Apps are due March 1 but it's a soft deadline and we'll accept applications after the deadline. I'll have funding for two students next year. Great opportunity for someone looking to get more research experience to make their application more competitive for doctoral programs. Feel free to email me with questions at matthew.woodward@wku.edu.

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3 hours ago, sugarcookie said:

I have not heard back from any of the schools that I applied to (I also applied to Psychology Master's programs). Don't know if this is a silent rejection or not...

What programs have u applied to? Seems programs' timelines may vary so differently. 

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