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A waitlisted applicant having a Zoom meeting?


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Hi all,

I applied to several phd programs in philosophy this cycle. A professor at one of the programs I'm waitlisted at recently sent me a personal email saying that she liked my sample paper and wants to have a Zoom meeting talking about our shared interests. I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience! Is it a common thing for someone waitlisted to have this kind of opportunity, and would it, depending on the result of the meeting, affect my status positively or negatively? The other programs I'm waitlisted at didn't contact me other than the generic email informing me that I'm waitlisted. Thanks!

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This has not happened to me and I do not think it is common. It sounds like if this person finds that you really do have similar interests/would be good to work with, that you have a high chance of getting in. The only caveat would be whether or not other faculty getting "their" students is prioritized over this faculty member's "pick" this semester. Good luck & update us on how this pans out!

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Not something I've heard of for waitlisted people.

Hard to say how it could affect your chances. Obviously, if it goes horrendously then that could hurt you, but I don't know how much a positive meeting would help you either. 

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