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Using the new Macbook Pro M1 for stats and ML work

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I know this has been asked before a little while ago, but I just wanted to gather some more opinions about the new M1 Macbooks. I need to ditch my current Macbook Pro 2018 due to the never-ending keyboard and display issues. So I am looking to see what's out there, specifically for deep learning work. I've been using Tensorflow a lot lately, but I anticipate I will at least need to run / play with PyTorch code in the future too, with PyTorch being so popular in the academic community. I know that the integration of Tensorflow and PyTorch for Macbook M1's has been iffy, but for those who are familiar with this, have these issues been resolved lately (at least to a reasonably satisfying level)? What are some common glitches / library crashes that occur? I've already pulled up numerous guides explaining how to set up these laptops for deep learning work, but I just want to be aware what I'm getting myself into, before I take the plunge. Also, how do the Python basics like pandas and numpy work on the M1 (I've been finding contradicting info online)? and is it true that the PyCharm IDE works slower than before? 

Thank you very much in advance. I know I asked a lot of questions, but even partial replies would be very helpful for me. And if you guys have any recommendation for non-Mac machines, please do let me know. Thanks a bunch again!

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