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Biostatistics Masters Programs



Hi all! I'm just really confused right now about my qualifications and where I stand as a potential candidate. I am a junior right now majoring in Math and Cognitive Science. I just recently decided that I want to go into Biostatistics and decided to do a masters in it. The relevant classes that I've taken so far are

Linear Algebra - Pass/Fail due to covid

Multivariable - A

DiffEq - A+

Probability - A

Real Analysis - A-

Mathematical Statistics 1 - A-

Numerical Methods and Stochastic Processes - A

For Fall 2022, I am planning to take

Statistical Methods 2 (This covers multivariate linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA, etc..)

Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization (This includes statistical concepts such as transformations, smoothing, and uncertainty into visualizations; interactive graphics; and non-traditional types of data, which may include time series, maps, networks, or text.)

I am also planning on taking modern algebra and Mathematical Statistics 2 in the spring of my senior year.

In terms of work experience, I am a research assistant for education research where one of my roles is to carry out statistical tests and data analysis on the coded data in SPSS. I am also planning to do statistical research in Fall of 2022.

The question that I have is, should I take a year after college to work in some statistics industry or job before applying for a masters, because most of the grad schools won't see my grades in the bulk of the statistics classes that I am taking because of the december/january application deadline.

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