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Salary for clinical psychologist (still unlicensed) with PhD


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Hi All,

I'll be going on the job market soon, after graduating from a Psychology PhD program. I plan to work as a clinical psychologist in a larger mental health company that can allow me to get supervision hours for the next year until I reach the quota for licensure. 

Can anyone tell me what salary might look like for someone like me? (I'm in the NY area, if that helps.) I can see average salaries for clinical psychologists through places like Glassdoor/etc., but I'm in a niche situation, Since I'm not licensed yet, I'd expect the pay to be lower, but maybe that's not the case? 

Thanks B)


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Hi, yes, an unlicensed psychologist makes less than a licensed individual. Since the VA uses a standard pay scale that is freely available online, you can use that as a guide. Someone straight from internship and unlicensed would be a GS-11, while someone with a year of post-grad experience (such as a postdoc) and unlicensed would be a GS-12. You can find the pay scale for your locality here: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/salaries-wages/2022/general-schedule/

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