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MSPPM DA at CMU vs. QMSS at Columbia University


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Hi everyone, this is Cleon.

I am an international student and have received Public Policy and Management - Data Analytic Track (MSPPM DA) offer from the CMU and Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences (QMSS) offer from Columbia University. 

I want to have a research job in the United States in the World Bank or other international organizations and have my PhD 3 year later in a top university in the US in the public policy field. I am currently undecided about which university to go.

  1. QMSS at Columbia
    1. Pro:
      1. Reputation and network
      2. New York City where are lots of relevant opportunities, especially in international organizations
      3. access to better faculty in microeconomics and politics
      4. Flexible Curriculum
      5. Practicum projects opportunities (with UN)
    2. Con:
      1. Expensive in NYC
      2. only 1.5 years (three semesters) to equip myself with quantitative skills
  2. MSPPM DA at CMU:
    1. Pro:
      1. duration of 2 years (4 semesters)
      2. much more solid quantitative training (maybe?)
      3. low living cost
      4. Capstone project opportunities (but not with WB or other international organizations)
    2. Con:
      1. maybe not-that-good faculty in Microeconomics and Politics
      2. have to relocate to big cities for an internship
      3. less access to international organizations

Could you please kindly share some suggestions with me, I am kind of confused here.

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