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Duke Stat Phd wiatlist

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Hi. I applied to Statistical Science PhD program at Duke and am waitlisted. Yesterday, I emailed DGS to inquire about my application status. DGS told me that although she cannot assure whether additional offer can be made because there are several students who have been admitted but not have responded, I am on the top of the waitlist. 

Although this is good news, but does Duke admit those on the waitlist? I saw only one post of getting off the waitlist on gradcafe. I know nobody can assure my potential of getting off the waitlist.. but waiting for a decision is really driving me crazy these days.  

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11 hours ago, guass said:

hey, my application was rejected for the same program. Can you share what it is that you did right to be accepted to a top rank program?

I didn't get accepted, just on the waitlist... However, I would share my experience should I get admitted. Thank you.

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5 hours ago, trynagetby said:

Current  Duke PhD student here. Last year at least 2 people got off the waitlist.

At least 2...?? That's quite surprising. Although I recognize that not all applicants use gradcafe and upload their result, that is really surprising. However, I'm still nervous though. Well, I would wait for a decision. I really hope to see you at Duke! Thank you. 

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