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Rankings before the Biostat/Stat separation

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I can't access the 2018 USnews rankings anymore, but the rankings for Stats and Biostats used to be merged. (If anyone still has access to 2018, please share.)


I can't help but wonder if anyone thinks that the merged rankings could have been more useful.

For example, Cornell is #13 in Stats, while Duke is #13 in Biostats. But if I recall correctly, Duke was around #35 in the combined 2018 rankings, well below Cornell Stats. Does this imply that the Cornell Stat programs be better career wise?

Or do you think that the Stat/Biostat career paths are different enough that the separated lists are better?

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While its not as drastic as comparing physics and chemistry, they definitely are two focus areas. For example, there are quite a few biostats departments that do a lot of work in causal inference, while in statistics, the focus in causal is not as strong. I think the onus is on the applicant to figure out which program is a better fit ultimately.

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