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Canadian MPH schools. University of Victoria OR University of Western Ontario?


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Hey everyone! Hope you all are hanging in there during this difficult time.

In 2017 I applied to 7 schools for a Masters in Public Health (MPH) and got 7 rejection letters LOL. I was so sad but just decided to enter the workforce and put off my MPH aspirations. After getting laid off at the start of the pandemic, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in public health and that I would give the MPH applications one last shot. Took me 2 years of upgrading my marks (from a 78% --> 89% average) and getting relevant public health work and research experience, and I somehow got admission into two MPH schools this go-around (In a VERY competitive year). I'm extremely thankful and proud of myself.

That being said, I'm struggling to choose between the two schools and I'm hoping for some input from internet strangers. I'll list their PROS and CONS below.

University of Victoria:

PROS: 1) online-learning format which is convenient; might be able to work part-time while completing the degree. 2) Tuition & ancillary fees = $7,000 per year. 3) No need to make living arrangements in a new city (save money)

CONS: 1) Not a very prestigious school; wondering about the quality of the program. 2) Sometimes online learning can be challenging. 

University of Western Ontario:

PROS: 1) One-year program; can enter workforce a full year sooner. 2) Higher ranked than UVictoria

CONS: 1) $36,000 for tuition & ancillary fees! Not even including living costs, which would have to be arranged because I don't live in Ontario. The program does not accept provincial/federal student loans/grants. 2) Possibly rushed? I'm not sure you can learn everything in one year.


Just looking for people's opinions. A lot of family/friends have suggested I stick with UVictoria, but I'm still conflicted. What would you do if you were in my position?

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I applied to UVIC but I think a really big draw for me was the Indigenous focus opportunity in their program which I think is SO pertinent to public health - especially for me as a Manitoban which has a very high proportion of Indigenous peoples. So for me that, along with tuition costs would be enough to choose UVIC, but maybe you prioritize wanting to leave home and going somewhere new. Tough choice, but congrats!!

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