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I have taught middle school English for the past five years and I am also an adjunct at a community college in the developmental writing program. I also have extensive experience writing English curriculum and serving as an English consultant for the state in which I live. Because of this, I have plenty of research topics swirling in my head and feel as though I should explore the doctoral degree in English Education ( or Literacy Education or C&I with an emphasis in English or whatever title combination is available.) There are a few programs in Texas (where I live) and some in nearby states. I completed my undergraduate and 1st master's degree in English Ed at a Division I research institution and completed my 2nd master's in administration at a local university.

Is there anyone on here in this field?

What can I expect in terms of research, career preparation, collaboration in the doctoral English Ed. program?

Is it possible to complete a PhD part-time (I'm trying to avoid taking out anymore student loans)?

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I am working on my PhD in Literacy at the University of New Mexico. I started the program part-time while teaching. My department (Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies) is very accommodating to a teacher's schedule. In fact, you have to have 3 years teaching experience to get into the PhD program! My focus is literacy, and a lot of the research done in my program deals with new literacies (visual, digital, etc.). Let me know if you have any more questions!

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