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Seminarian wannabes


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Some questions to all other seminarian wannabes out there:

1. What programs did you apply to?

2. What is your top choice and why?

1. I applied to the master of divinity programs of Pacific School of Religion (accepted), Boston U (accepted), Harvard (waiting), and Yale (waiting).

2. Harvard (prob goes without saying) is my top choice because of its progress atmosphere, academic rigor, language study reqs quirks, and its home in sunny Boston.

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Originally, I planned to apply to the following schools in this order.

1) Yale U (Divinity School)

2) Mercer U (McAfee School of Theology)

3)Duke (Divinity School)

4)Emory (Candler School of Theology)

5) Princeton Theological Seminary

I have since been accepted to Mercer with a full scholarship so I let the deadlines pass on all the others except Yale. I will find out the status of that application in March. Have you visited YDS? What did you think?

What do you plan to do with your mdiv degree?

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I applied to these schools in chronological order.

1. Duke Divinity (M.Div)

2. Yale Divinity (M.Div)

3. Harvard Divinity ( M.Div, Just submitted today..... barely in under the deadline cutoff :D )

I would have applied to more, but praise be to God I got accepted at Duke in their first round of apps.... so... I'm set!

Now If you'll excuse me I have to go watch the Steelers PwN the Cardinals.

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