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  1. I was wondering if anyone has had luck or experience with requesting an expedited decision from schools, if this is possible, and what the process looks like. Reason for request: I am currently serving in the National Guard (seven years prior service in the Active Duty Army). I have a date to go to Officer Candidate School in January, but would like to weigh my options for transferring to the Army Nurse Corps (while they are not obligated to grant a transfer, they usually do when you are transferring to something undermanned, which medical professions invariably are). I would nee
  2. Hello all, I am currently serving in the military and I am looking to utilize the GI Bill once I finish my current enlistment. I am considering a combined JD/MBA route and going on to specialize in either contracts or trade law but as I've yet to take an LSAT I can only get diagnostics for the MBA portion of my program. UGPA 3.74/4 (Tier 2 Public, usually ranked around 90-110) Majors: Philosophy, Mathematics GRE V:166 Q:162 (should I take the GMAT or are these tests given equal value? GMAT conversion places my score at a 700) GRAD: MA in Religion (Ivy), MA Psychology (regional
  3. So I am currently in Ithaca for Open House (tomorrow, 21 MAR) but I've already been impressed with both CIPA and the ROTC program here. 1. CIPA helped me secure last minute lodging when my appointment with the ROTC leadership was set for a different date. 2. They've offered to put us in contact with current fellows (I've also notice current CIPA fellows, like the poster above have a very positive view of their program and take the time to talk about it). 3. CIPA seems to be making a lot of strong moves and I think its reputation will only grow. I am especially happy about the move to the
  4. Hello all! So I applied to 4 schools, 2 admits (Cornell and Columbia) and 2 rejects (Harvard and Princeton). Just looking for opinions on where you would head in this situation, the pros and cons are as follows Cornell PROS: 15k per year scholarship, will be paid off with my military aid. Program flexibility (no strict course requirements) CIPA has shown a lot of concern/personal attention during the admissions process I love Ithaca, and it is close to home. Cornell CONS: Newer, less well-known program. Less established network. CIPA is not a school in itself, its faculty are pull
  5. Got in with a "Dean's Service Scholarship" but from what I can tell its only for 10k in year two. Probably heading to Cornell!
  6. WWS is generally viewed as more difficult to get an admit from than HKS, is that a fair generality? I have little hope now that HKS dinged me ... Though perhaps the saving grace is that WWS also seems more quant heavy, and I have more mathematics than at least 90% of applicants
  7. Rejected! I'm not too disappointed though, it would've been nice but I actually think a couple of the others schools I applied to were a better fit for me. I got an acceptance to one of them so I'm set. Also being Military, a commission is a commission regardless of whether one went to Army or State Congrats to all who made it!
  8. Being from New York, a CIPA admit and a SUNY (not Cornell) Alum, this move made perfect sense and is actually a plus for me as I consider my options. MPA/MPP programs housed in the graduate college of a university run the risk of becoming an interdisciplinary government/economics degree with a professional title. CHE offers some incredibly interesting interdisciplinary programs with an applied/professional bend (biology and society comes to mind). I think the MPA program will become more professionally oriented with its transition into CHE. Also as the OP said, there will likely be an increase
  9. Those are some interesting numbers admm.noops! If you had applied to only a few schools, I would be more concerned, but seeing as you are an international student (they have more realistic expectations for you on the verbal/writing since English is not your native language) and sent out a reasonably large number of applications I believe you will get at least 2 or 3 admissions offers. Pros: Your GPA would be high even for a standard social sciences major, but mechanical engineering is probably one of the most rigorous things a public policy admissions officer will see. It certainly vouches
  10. PS: I would also expand my school list a little as well. Columbia SIPA looks like a great option for you coming out of the UN. Georgetown/Johns Hopkins/George Washington/Cornell/Tufts are also worth considering.
  11. I believe that an upper second GPA usually translates to about a 3.5 (just making sure that you do not sell yourself short). My experience is limited on this subject, however when dealing with international degrees that use an honors system, upper second class is considered the standard to meet, with a first class being equivalent to exceeded expectations (like a 4.0). So your "GPA" is fine, I imagine most adcomms will see a "2:1" and approve. The combination of Law and UN work looks interesting/relevant, coupled with a solid SOP you could definitely make this work for top programs. Your G
  12. Many Thanks! While I was researching degrees I was very impressed with the Bush School. My enitre family is in New York though so it was natural to apply to schools in the Northeast. Best of Luck!
  13. Its WWS, there is a great diversity of reasons that we will all be rejected.
  14. I would imagine most adcomms can spot the difference between a typo and a paper that clearly has not been checked at all. Wouldn't stress about it
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