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Advice on SCI-TECH & public policy apps


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Hi everyone,

I am currently working on apps for programs in public policy with a focus on science and technology governance/policy issues. I would appreciate if anyone could comment on my choices and chances. I would be happy to share my experiences and thoughts as well.

So my background is the following:

academia: I have a BSc in Software Engineering and Information Systems from the best school in the country (Croatia) and I'm currently doing a Masters in the same area. My thesis is interdisciplinary, a combination of ICT policies and political science. My engineering background gives me a fair amount of quant courses, though I am slightly worried about my GPA which is 4.3 on a 5.0 scale. I also have some basic knowledge of economics, management, risks management and environmental issues.

workexperience: I have a year worth's experience of leading a UN's business network affiliated to the local UNDP office and I hope to continue this till the end of my Masters (which should be in a year), before that I did an internship at UNDP (corporate social responsibility). I have a fair amount of civil society and leadership experience (leading NGOs, all managing positions - from education, fundraising to team management), MUNs, democracy development, work with youth, organising conferences. In my first undergrad year I was hired as an external associate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


quant: 710, verbal: 470, AW: 5.0

TOEFL: 117

I also have a number of certificates in other languages I speak (5 of them)


I am looking at the following programs:


MIT - Technology and public policy

MIT - political science

Berkley - MPP

Stanford - International Legal Studies


Cambridge U - Science and technology MPhil

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Don't know enough about the schools on your list to comment, but you might considering check out Georgia Tech's MPP program as well. Sounds like your interests align very closely with one of areas of focus in the MPP.

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I am also interested in technology policy, and I would second lolwat's suggestion on GA Tech's MPP.  Carnegie Mellon has their Master's of Science in Policy and Science Management (or EPP if you want a PhD), and George Washington has their Master's of Arts in International Science & Technology if you want to be close to DC.

Am curious to see what people think of all these schools, as well?

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For policy and technology/engineering Carnegie Mellon is a very good school. They have a department in engineering and public policy in the school of engineering and their policy school (Heinz) does a lot of technology policy as well. The university as a whole combines a lot of areas into one. Very interdisciplinary culture there.

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