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I am not sure whether to go Master's degree again in Canada or apply for PhD



I am a soil scientist with MD in Ecology who moved to Canada. Now I want to apply to PhD in AgroEcology. As an undergraduate I did internship in environmental department of BP, did Masters degree (GPA 92)  and published a thesis in Local journals, have 2 years of experience as a GIS specialist in one of the State Committee in my country, 6 years of experience at the University as a lecturer and had research experience in Agrochemistry Institute in my country. However, after moving to Canada l decided to go masters degree in environmental sciences and applied to UofG and UofT. Now l feel lost and l changed my mind that l could apply to PhD. In fact,  l sent emails to professors, one said he doesnt work with internationally trained students, the others said they dont have available place for the next year. The reason why I applied to MEnvS is to get Canadian education before the PhD, get to know professors and labs. Then l think l could have done these by volunteering in one of the labs.
Do you think that volunteering in a lab is a good idea for someone who has experience?

Is there a chance that someone professors dont know can be accepted as a volunteer to work at the lab?

Should l directly contact professors with regard to voluntering. 

Or should l just keep emailing professors for PhD program . Unfortunately, l have geolimits l cant apply to all universities all over Canada( 

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