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Which program is a better fit for me - soc PhD, or social policy PhD with soc track?


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Hi all, I'm looking to prepare for applying to doctoral programs for the next cycle this Fall and have been primarily focused on pure sociology programs. However, I'll be coming in with a Master's in public policy and my research interests all intertwine with race/racism and sociology of ed, with a focus on education policy. I'm interested in a career in academia, though I am also seriously considering pursuing working in policy research relating to these topics. Among my searching so far, I've found that Harvard offers two programs that could be good fits, though it appears I can only apply to one per cycle. These are a sociology PhD, and a joint social policy/sociology PhD.

I'm trying to figure out which would be the better one to aim for, and while I know this is probably useless in the grand scheme of things given it's Harvard, am also trying to think about which program may be slightly "easier" to get admitted to.


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