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Statistics PhD - How competitive?


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White male from southeastern U.S.

B.S. in Neuroscience (3 years) from a top-50 (barely) university

Math minor (30 credits, GPA: 4.0)

Overall GPA: 3.9

Dual-Master's in Secondary Education & Applied Statistics (3 years) from a large public university in the Midwest

GPA: 3.9 (just starting my third and final year currently)


800 Q, 800 V, 5.5 W (taken once)


Work: College Tutoring Centers

Hobby: Web development


Just starting to research with a Stat professor this coming year.


No Math Subject GRE

Just starting to research, no publications

Neurosci major and Education Master's - might seem aimless

Am I a competitive applicant to top Statistics PhD programs? Where might I get accepted? Where do I have no chance?


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I did a little research on some programs, so I'm going to be more specific. Most good programs seem to either require or "highly recommend" the Math GRE. So I don't think I'm going to apply to those.

Of the really good schools, the ones that didn't mention the Math GRE were: Berkeley, Harvard, Duke, and UNC

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