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2 LORs required, professor or boss for second?


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I'm currently in the process of applying for PhD and most of the universities I intend to apply to require 2 Letters of Recommendation.

First letter is undoubtedly my current supervisor.

Second letter can however be from my current boss at work from whom I should get a good recommendation or from a professor with whom I took 2 classes and has asked me to use my work as an example for her class. I feel that both these options have their pros and cons and am unsure which one would send the better signal.

I would much appreciate the input of others who may be more aware of the intricacies of the system. :)

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I would definitely use the letter from the professor. A number of faculty on admissions committees told me they don't really care what non-academics have to say. They are mostly looking for an academic to give their opinion on your potential as a future academic, so I would strongly encourage you to use a letter from a professor. (FYI - this advice is specific to applying to PhD programs, not masters programs.

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Offhand, I'd say professor.

But I'd say it varies some depending both on what the job is/was and what program you're applying to.

If, say, you worked in an R&D department somewhere, and your boss is a researcher, that could be a valuable letter- or other similar situations in other fields.

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