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help on select recommenders!


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hey guys~

I major in EE but plan to apply for CS. Thus most of my research experience is not in our own department ..

Now I have 5 potential recommenders, all professors that I have been work with and they replied that the letter will be a strong one.

2 from US whom I worked on a project with during the summer, 1 from Canada who is the co-author of one paper and one in my home school but from CS department. The last one is my final year project supervisor in our department.

First, I heard that rec letters from north America may count more. Second, I just started the final year project and the prof may not be impressed by me much. My concern is that he's the only guy from my department. If all my recommenders are not in my department, will that be a problem?

Thanks a lot!

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It shouldn't be a huge problem, provided you're working in a related field. I changed disciplines for graduate school and all of my letters of recommendation were from profs in the dept I studied in for my undergraduate degree.

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