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LOR crisis!


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Hi all,

Quick query about LORs - I am applying for a Phd in the field of Education and am trying to get a sense of who would be best for a third recommender. I have been out of undergrad for two years now, so obviously makes it a little more difficult to find appropriate academic references, hence the problem.

First one - Professor who I worked as a research assistant for a year with. At Ivy league University. Slightly unreliable and I didn't have the warmest relationship with him but I am applying to that College and they are the only people who can attest to research potential

Second - Director of studies from Undergrad. Had quite a good relationship with him, he should write me a good reference.

Third ? see below

A third professor, also at an Ivy League College, has been helping me with my SOP as I know her. As a British student, she offered to write me a letter as she is also British and was faculty at my old University. She said that she would, I quote, "Contextualise your achievements etc. But it won't be very long". Meaning that she won't exactly wax lyrical about me but will explain the British grading system, say I am academically very capable and so on. She is, however, on the faculty (and used to be on the adcom) of my first choice program. So this must be fairly useful.

This isn't ideal but my only other options are my Head of Department as a teacher (know extremely well and she will say great things about my teaching duties but has no postgraduate qualifications or cannot comment on my academic ability) or my undergraduate thesis supervisor (I don't know very well, haven't spoken to for two years and probably won't say very much other than I scored very high grades).

What do you guys think?

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Yeah, this isn't really a crisis - more like a surplus of options. If you were in the sciences, I would suggest you ask the prof who observed you as a research assistant for a year - it wouldn't really matter whether you had a warm relationship with him as long as he would be able to attest to your research ability. However, I'm not sure if this would be the best option for your area.

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