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PhD Biostatistics Fall 2023 :- Profile Evaluation

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Student Type :- International Asian Male

Undergrad Institute:- Regional College in India (pretty well known as one of the premier college in the State)

Degree:- 3 Year B.Sc in Statistics

Major:- Statistics, Minor:-Mathematics

Major Percentage:- 100/100

Some Relevant Courses (Secured full grades in almost all courses):-Stat. Methods Sequence, Stat. Inference Sequence, Probability Sequence, Calculus, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, and many other applied Statistics courses

Other Relevant Information:- (1) Selected for 2 prestigious Summer Research Fellowships in India during 2nd year of undergrad. (2) Graduated with highest marks amongst all the students from all Science/Arts departments in my College. Awarded Gold Medal from the Chancellor 


Grad Institute 1:- ISI, Kolkata

Degree:- Master of Statistics

Concentration:- Applied and Computational Statistics

Overall Percentage:-72/100

Relevant Courses (marks in brackets):- Stat. Inf-1 (58/100), Linear Algebra & Linear Models (84/100), Analysis-I (51/100), Regression Techniques (73/100), Probability Theory (75/100), Multivariate Statistics (75/100), Non-parametric & Sequential Methods (74/100), Large Sample Theory (69/100), Sample Survey & Design (64/100), Measure Theoretic Probability (66/100), Stat. Inf-2 (77/100), Pattern Recognition (70/100), Stat. Computing-I (91/100), Martingale Theory (73/100), Time Series (90/100), High Dimensional Statistics (58/100), Resampling Techniques (84/100), Game Theory (86/100), Stat. Computing-II (71/100)

Other Information:-Did a 6 months project on 'Random Truncation Modelling of Air Traffic Control Data'. I secured 84/100 in the project. My project supervisor will be my main recommender in my PhD application.


Grad Institute 2:- University of Paris Saclay/University of Paris Dauphine/Sorbonne (one among these)

Degree:- 2nd year Master's Diploma (called M2 in France) in 'Applied Mathematics'

Current GPA:- 14/20

Relevant Courses:- Advanced Learning (11/20), Convex Optimization (12/20), Optimization for ML (12.5/20), Graphical Models (13/20), Statistics for High Dimensions (12/20), Biostatistics (15/20), Applied Bayesian Statistics (15.5/20), Bayesian Nonparametrics & Bayesian ML (16.5/20), Machine Learning for Medical Data (17/20),     Seminar on 'Machine Learning for genomics' (19/20)

End-of-studies Master's Project:- Currently working with one senior professor on the topic 'Machine Learning Methods for GWAS and subsequent control of False discoveries.' I am not sure if I can get reco from the professor as he rather wants me to continue with him for PhD.

Other Information:- Got a very selective fellowship from a French Maths Foundation to study my master's in France.

GRE:- Not appeared yet, but practice test reveals around:- 170 Q, 152 V

Other LORs:- One assistant professor from my alma mater in Paris who taught me a course. Rest all are from ISI. Possibly in some places I will add one from my undergrad alma mater too.


Programs Aiming-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Biostatistics:- UNC, UCLA, UMinnesota, Emory, Brown, Boston, UPitt, Penn State                                                                                                                                            Statistics:- NCSU, UT Austin, UC Irvine, Colorado State, Rice

Am I competitive enough for the schools I listed? Any specific suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.



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