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Diversity prompt in SOP UW?


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Hi everyone, the current SoP for UW's master program for psychology and is asking for specific diverse backgrounds I possess, either opportunities or disadvantages. However, I'm a generic white woman who grew up in a middle class family and environment. I am a first generation student suffering some severe ADD. I don't know if having ADD is considered a diverse background but I have been a tutor for a year at my university! I'll copy the prompt below:


Our program actively seeks and welcomes students from diverse
backgrounds.  To the extent that you are comfortable, use specific
examples to provide a statement about how your life experiences/personal
history, family background, involvement in your community activities,
educational experiences, and/or work experiences enable you to contribute to the
diversity of our educational environment. 
The statement should address educational, cultural, and economic
opportunities and disadvantages that you have experienced, and ways those
experiences have affected the development of your career plans and future goals.

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I personally would not recommend that you bring up any mental illness/disability or anything that may make the committee think you might not be able to complete the program.  If you are dead set on this school I personally would try to show how you are able to work with diverse populations through whatever experiences you have. Just my 2 cents.

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