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Information to include on a Resume for Applications


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Hi guys, I'm planning on applying for the M.Div program at Duke and Princeton Seminary and was wondering if certain schools were biased towards involvement in organizations that were considered "too liberal" or "too conservative".

Specifically, I'm wondering if I should include my experience with Amnesty International on my applications to Duke and Princeton since many consider Amnesty to be a fairly liberal organization, whereas I've heard that Duke and Princeton are considered to be somewhat conservative schools.

I'm also applying to Harvard and Yale, but I'm assuming since those are fairly liberal schools that a mention of involvement with a liberal organization will not hurt my chances for admissions. (is that reasonable to assume?)

NOTE: I am not asking whether or not there is a benefit to learning from someone more liberal or more conservative than I am. I have no doubt that could be true. I am only asking how something like this might affect my chances for being admitted.

What do you think?

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