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Will my new application be reviewed?

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I applied to a number of highly selective stats PhDs last year and wasn't admitted to any of them. Over the past year, I have filled in some missing coursework (e.g. I took real analysis), and I've been working on a research project with a well known professor who is writing me a letter of rec. I'm applying again to these schools this application cycle. Will my new application actually be reviewed? I'm worried that some schools might have an automated system where if someone has applied before they just get dumped in some separate pile and never get looked at.


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Hi, also a fellow applicant here! I believe each application cycle is independent. I don't think it make sense to have such a system, though I do understand that some schools would ask you whether it's you're first time applying, but I honestly don't think its designed to do the screening. 

So here's an example, not in stats though. I saw someone rejected from every neuroscience phd program the first time they applied to. After an additional year of research, with stronger letters, they got into the very schools that previously rejected them. 

Though the above story is only sample size 1 in a different field, I do believe many similar cases exist. Though, probably also consider applying to a wide range of schools.

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I'd be very surprised if any program uses an application system that has year-to-year "memory" the way you describe. At most, some application reviewers might vaguely remember your name from last year.

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