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Low GPA Looking for Advice on Biostatistics MS Programs


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Hello everyone, I graduated in December 2020. I'm a pre-veterinary student but have been considering about applying for an MS in Biostatistics. However, I'm very concerned about my GPA. Here is my profile: 
Undergrad Institution: Top 100 Uni in CA
Major(s): Biological Sciences/pre-vet
Cumulative GPA: 3.09
Major GPA: 3.08
Type of Student: Domestic asian female
GRE: Plan on taking it sometime this year
Made it to the Dean's List one semester but that's about it

Relevant Courses

Calculus I: AP Credit

Calculus II: D -> A

Calculus III: Currently taking it at a local CC, current grade is a B+

Linear Algebra: Plan on taking it next semester

Intro calculus-based probability and statistical inference: Not sure if I need to take it because the schools I've looked into only require up to Linear Algebra

Some statistics courses I took during undergrad: 

Intro to Scientific Data Analysis: A

Stat Scientific Data Analysis: A

Math Modeling for Bio: B

Biostatistics: A

Work Experience: Currently I only have experiences working at 3 different veterinary clinics. Not sure if I will be able to find any related to biostatistics by the time I apply. 

Research Experience: None

Additional Information: I had a rough start in the first two years of college, had family issues (had to take care of sick family members) and ended up with a D+ in Calculus II and D in General Chem II, both were from freshman year. I retook Calculus II at my uni and got an A, and retook General Chemistry II at a community college and got a B. I have an upward trend in my cumulative GPA following my freshman year but the classes I've taken mostly are relevant to the biological sciences major. I also graduated a semester early but I don't think that's very relevant. 

Question: Do I stand any chance of getting into a biostatistics program? Any recommendations on list of schools, relevant courses I still need to take, or anything would be much appreciated! 

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