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Sociology Program Rankings


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I feel silly for not knowing this already, as it seems to be common knowledge for many on the board, but for those of us who don't know, how do we find the official rankings of programs that we are interested in? I've found the US World News/Report online, but it only gives you the first three schools for free, and you have to pay them $15 (!) to get the full list.

So does anyone know how to get this list? Or, if someone has access to this list, would you be willing to PM me so that I can ask you about two schools?

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I have no idea how relevent/accurate any of these rankings are, but the Gourman Report for Sociology PhD rankings is here: http://www.socialpsychology.org/gsociol.htm

I also highly recommend this next site. Be warned it may be a few years out of date, but it has stats of school reputation, faculty reputation, cost, percentages of students who receive funding, etc. and you can rank them by importance to you. I wish I'd known about this site when I was still applying :roll: ... http://graduate-school.phds.org/rankings/sociology

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