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advice, suggestion to be more competitive or getting admited to phd managemt/marketing


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hello! I am interested in applying for PhD management/marketing. one of the other. This is my goal.

I would like to know what i can do to make myself (competitive) admitted to PhD management or marketing.

My undergrad was in business. I have BS in Business Admin-Management concentration. 3.45 gpa cumulative and 3.7 business major gpa. Gradated last year, have been working as customer service manager at Wal-Mart.


1. I know MBA in not required for admission. Some school that i looked at, student that they admitted have mba already. would you recommend getting MBA? would it help with admission to phd management/marketing. keeping in mind cost of mba, like 50 grand for ranked and 20 grand for an ok aacsb state mba. would you recommend 1st and 2nd tier mba or affordable aacsb state mba?

2. Do you recommend specialized masters, like MS management,arketing since these are more academic that mba? or MBA with specialization in management, what other master would you recommend.

I think PhD in management does not have heavy quant math as in phd finance, econ, ect. i have not taken any advance math. only took what was required for business major. would you think this will hurt me apply to PhD management. what would you recommend.

if i am lacking math class, i can always take it while doing masters, mba.

Any other advice, suggestion is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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